Moodle 2.3 manual for teachers

introduction to Moodle 2.3 for teachers

1. Common teacher problems

1.5. Adding an activity

You should Turn editing on (block Settings on the left).

Choose activity, e.g. Assignments

In version 2.3 you can set Assignment type only by change of Submission settings. Assignment/Online text (good for short texts with easy corrections)
Submission settings

  • Online text = Yes
  • File submissions = No

Assignments/Upload a single file (useful for big or formatted documents)

Submission settings

  • Online text = No
  • File submissions = Yes

Assignments/Offline activity (results of tests)

Submission settings

  • Online text = No
  • File submissions = No
  • Feedback Comments = Yes

offline activity

If you use Assignments/Online text do not forget to set Comment inline = Yes during editation of assignment settings. It copies student text into Feedback window for easy corrections.