Moodle 2.3 manual for teachers

introduction to Moodle 2.3 for teachers

1. Common teacher problems

1.6. YouTube video links in mail


If I link to a video on youtube, I would like students to see the original word in the text and then follow the link to view the video on youtube.
However, when I insert the weblink (copied from the address bar on youtube) everything looks OK in my original email, BUT the email students receive has the original word missing. Instead of the word with a hyperlink the whole youtube video is embedded.
When I get it in thunderbird there is just a blank space. You can see the original word if you run the cursor over the blank space.


this problem is given by automatic YouTube filter that works only in Moodle not on local computer...

  1. students should click on See this post in context and after login they can see everything
  2. and/or in message text write text and link it to YouTube and directly after link write address again as text (not link):, e.g.: spin, in 2nd case students can see YouTube resource address in mail: unfortunately it is not a link, but can be copied to browser
  3. and/or in message text write text and link it to YouTube and after first link write second link to shortcut url (generated by some short link generator; This is universal but a rather cumbersome method, students can see YouTube resource address in mail and it is a link.