Moodle 2.3 manual for teachers

introduction to Moodle 2.3 for teachers

1. Common teacher problems

1.4. Adding a resource

Adding Page

Adding link to web page (URL)

Adding File

File picker window is opened

The major parts shown are:

  1. The repository column
  2. The file picker column
  3. Upload a file repository link - for this Context
  4. Server files - those files you have permission to access
  5. Folders in System/English/Moodle Features Demo - these contain files
  6. Repositories - for example, Dropbox, Google, Flickr, Wikimedia

Meaning of editor icons

Adding link to a file in editor

write some text label for link, select label text and click Insert link icon in editor

in next window click File browse icon and you can upload or choose files